We are your partner in building digital products

Meringue Studio's experts are UX designers and No Code developers.
They will work closely with you to design and implement your digital tool.

Web & Mobile App – Platform – Marketplace – SaaS – Automation

Building a digital product should never be a hurdle

Did you assume a digital tool was long and expensive to build?

Our modern methods help optimize costs and time spent

With us, development will only be a matter of weeks

Is communication with developers difficult?

Our methodology relies on frequent iterations with users and customers

We are commited to swiftly tackling your real issues

Do you want a reliable and scalable tool?

The No Code platforms we use allow us to build any features and to scale your product

Forget about frustrating WordPress templates

Our Services

All our services have one objective: your success!

User research - 2 weeks

Our UX design methodology relies on defining your needs, user journeys, and interface, and then providing a complete wireframe of the future product.

Development - 2 to 8 weeks

The No Code development process is made of iterations that deliver a first version of the product, and then weekly features and iterations based on your feedback.

Iteration & training - As needed

We make the product a success training your users and iterating.

We also train you to maintain the tool to help you become autonomous.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Meringue Studio's pricing work?

Our pricing depends on which services you require from us. The design phase has a fixed pricing, whereas the development phase pricing depends on the required functionalities.
In any case, it will be much cheaper than traditional coding agencies because projects are much quicker to complete.
Although the time needed to develop a project will impact pricing, our model is based on the value we deliver to our customers.
You can see prices of previous projects on our dedicated page.
Please contact us to discuss your project !

Can you help us if we already have a running prototype?

Our expertise in product management enables us to help you in any stage of you product.
We specialise in enhacing your existing product on a No Code tool or building one from sratch using No Code if you want to stop working with code or limiting tools such as WordPress.

What are the No Code tools you use?

The No Code tools we use all deliver complementary value:
- Bubble helps create complex and responsive web apps with any functionality
- Webflow is tailored for designers and allows for creative and complex landing pages and CMS
- Adalo focuses on functional native mobile apps
- Airtable is a modern way to manage databases and replace Excel forever
- Zapier automates tasks on thousands of possible apps

What are the limits of No Code?

No Code enables 95% of commonly used functionalities. As of 2021, it is not suitable for very technical apps with heavy machine learning algorithms for example.
However, if these features are not at the core of your app, they can be added through plug-ins or APIs.

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