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We are an ambitious agency, looking for fun, driven and result-oriented indivuduals who know how to work in a team and make things happen.

Build the future of digital product development with No Code and modern UX Design.

Become a Product Builder

  • Master No Code technology
  • Design and implement solutions
  • Solve customer problems

Become a Business Developer

  • Source clients and talent
  • Manage content and events
  • Raise brand awareness for Meringue Studio

The Product Builder

Product builders are at the heart of the company as they deliver our main services.

Their responsibility is to design and implement digital tools for our customers.

We are hiring both Full-Time Employees and Freelancers.

We firmly believe that if we divide tasks, a lot gets lost in translation between the teams.
This is why we want to work towards a new definition of Product Builders, being both managers and makers.

These 3 skills are at the heart of their mission:

No Code Maker

Develop apps, websites, and automate tasks with No Code Tools such as Bubble, Webflow, Airtable, and Zapier.

You don't need to be an expert in these tools, but experience on them is a plus.

UX Designer

Focus on end users of the product you are building to provide a smooth, meaningful and valuable experience.

Apply our methodology and adapt it to each customer in a relevant way.


In order to ensure our customers succeed in their projects, we must to be trustworthy, available and reliable.

Dive deep into your customer's issues and adopt a consultant's mindset.

Want to be a full-time employee or freelancer?
Want to work in person or remotely?

The Business Developer

Business Developers are essential in ensuring Meringue Studio's success.

They manage the company's growth and work closely with the CEO.

You should consider this role if you enjoy finding and implementing creative ways to make a company grow.
Our Business Developers have a broad range of action and should strive to be as visible as possible.

These 3 skills are at the heart of their mission:

Connecting with people

Network and meet potential customers and future recruits who fit with Meringue Studio's philosophy.

The people we connect with are the main factor in growing our company.

Content & event creation

Reach a wider audience by publishing content on our blog and LinkedIn and by organizing events such as webinars.

The objective is to create opportunities by building a community.

Brand management

Create a strong awareness of the Meringue Studio brand among our audience by helping it evolve.

Raise our brand's value in the market through connections and marketing.

Want to work with a fun and ambitious team?
Want to work in person or remotely?

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