Examples of projects we deliver

Internal Tool

Cybersecurity dashboard

Pain point
Difficulty to follow how cybersecurity good practices have been implemented leads to a high cyber risk.

Enable the company to assess how security indicators evolve over time for all employees in a single dashboard.

A database connected to a user-friendly dashboard displaying use of password manager, results to phishing campaigns, etc...

Duration : ~ 3 weeks
Price : $12k
Tools used : Airtable & Zapier


Mobile customer service portal

Pain point
Requests to customer service need improving in speed, service, and transparency, and a mobile access.

Make the customer service experience seamless for all users by managing it with a platform and mobile-first approach.

A mobile app centered on agents and customers who can interact freely and with transparency, and access to relevant information.

Duration : ~ 4 weeks
Price : $23k
Tools used : Adalo


Specialized marketplace

Pain point
There is no way for users of your ecosystem to build their own offer on your platform without help from an administrator.

Build a space for everyone to provide services to the community you have created, while you get a share of the profits.

Enabling community members to be service providers by updating your platform database and payment features.

Duration : ~ 6 weeks
Price : $35k
Tools used : Bubble

Website & SEO

UX Design & SEO for your website

Pain point
The current website is difficult to find with a Google search and makes it difficult for users to engage.

Implement an SEO strategy to make the website stand out on searches, and redesign it to provide a great experience.

Writing quality content, organizing all pages efficiently, following the company's branding, and creating a clear structure.

Duration : ~ 1 week
Price : $5k
Tools used : Webflow or Dorik


Automated invoicing

Pain point
Sending and processing invoices takes time and is a very repetitive and boring task.

Enable your users to only focus on tasks which bring value when sending invoices and not waste their time.

Creating automated workflows that create the invoice from relevant data, send it to sign, and add it to your dashboard.

Duration : ~ 1 week
Price : $4k
Tools used : Airtable, Zapier & Docusign

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