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We're running a new kind of agency

  • Where adding value to our customers is our top priority
  • Where every collaborator has a complete skillset
  • Where we rely on the most modern and efficient methods

Meringue Studio's mission

We strive to make your digital products the best on the market by leveraging our expertise in UX design and No Code.

Meringue Studio is your trusted partner for improving your users' experience, whether they're your coworkers or customers!

PARTNERSHIP - We're not afraid of commitment

Traditional development agencies are a thing of the past. The agency of the future doesn't build your website or product for a certain price, and then waits for your call when you need a fix or an update. They don't charge you $100 to change the color of a button.

Here at Meringue Studio, we're building this agency, where customer satisfaction is more important than how much we bill, where creating real value and nurturing a relationship of mutual trust with our customers is our priority. We'll iterate with you until we get it right, when you need fixes and updates, and work hard to help you succeed.

IMPACT - Focus on what really matters

Providing maximum value to our customers means allowing them to focus only on what matters. It means implementing what they envision and letting their creativity run free. We help bring your ideas into reality by helping you all the way, as digital consultants. We can help you improve UI Design, SEO, marketing, reporting, and cybersecurity for example.

The objective is to have an impact on your users. They can be your customers, but also your employees or coworkers. The power of UX Design done right and automation will save you time and reduce frustration. Let's make happiness in the workplace be the key to performance and success!

Meringue Studio's methodology

Using the best methods to improve the way we work is part of the foundations of our agency.

We are constantly learning from the most effective frameworks on the market and our own experiences to deliver the best products.

DESIGN - Users, users, users

Whether they are your customers, your partners, or your collaborators, all products we build are tailored towards the end users' needs. Identifying these needs is a service in itself, which we deliver following the principles of design thinking and empathy.

Following this crucial step, we identify the journey different users take on the product. UI design and functional wireframes are then created to capture the experience we aim to provide.

NO CODE - The future of development

Wireframes and design plans are never perfect on the first try, thus it is essential to test them with users and iterate. This is where No Code enters and enables us to work with agility.

No Code is the best way to iterate efficiently thanks to a quick and visual development, with features and fixes possibly implemented in minutes. Ease of development compared to traditional code enables experts in both development and design

No Code makes maintenance, scalability, and security smooth to manage and will change how products are developed forever.
You can learn more about No Code here.

LEARNING - From ambition to success

Learning is a central part of Meringue Studio's culture. Our team members are in charge of products as a whole, and consistenly learn how to improve their multiple skills.

Learning is also the final stage of all our projects. We work with our clients in teaching users how to use the product in order to have a real impact. We can also train team members to update the product directly with the No Code tool we used. Clients can thus be autonomous with maintaining the product.

PRODUCT - A new way of working

The role of Product Builder is at the heart of the services we deliver. Their ambition is to build more than tools ; they build digital products that live and evolve through time and usage.

A Product Builder at Meringue Studio won't only be in charge of development, or defining the needs, but of the project from beginning to end, including its management.

Having one main point of contact able to envision and implement the whole project brings consistency, clarity, and a smooth experience for our customers.

A word from our CEO

Thank you for spending time on our website!

If you believe in our model of a modern agency and work to work with one, don't hesitate to contact me.

We're a young and growing company, and we're more than happy to discuss your fit with us as a customer, or if you want to be part of the adventure.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Raphaƫl Bismut

CEO & Founder, Meringue Studio

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